As winemakers we love to experiment:
you could almost say it's in our blood.

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Step into any winery around Australia during vintage and you can be guaranteed to find a small batch of something obscure bubbling away in the corner. Whole bunch ferments, mixed varietal ferments, hot v cold ferments, the possibilities are endless.

OGGI bottles

The sad thing though is that by and large these wines rarely see the light of day. Due to limited volumes and a lack of continuity they will invariably be blended away - never available for public scrutiny or enjoyment. And so, in an effort to change this we have created a little label called OGGI.

From the Italian word 'today', OGGI will be our opportunity to show people what we are trialing in the winery on a year by year basis. Always small volumes, always interesting and never the same as the year prior (essentially a warts and all look at the most exciting experiment we conduct each vintage).

And a little about our first OGGI - 2012:
This trial was all about fermenting white grapes on skins. We took three varieties that are all fairly textural and basically made them like a red wine. Wild yeast fermented in open vats for two weeks before being pressed to old barriques.

The wine then spent 18 months in the same barrels on gross lees before being blended and bottled with minimal filtration and a small SO2 addition.

The final blend was:
Friulano 50% (from the Vaughan vineyard in Balnarring)
Savagnin 30% (from our home vineyard)
Arneis 20% (from our home vineyard)

Now just to be clear, I'm not suggesting we're trailblazers by fermenting whites on skins. Although it's been done many times before, this experiment still has great relevance within our context and has certainly helped us to better understand how to enhance the textural attributes of these varieties.

Oh - and finally; to capture the changing nature of this brand, (and for a bit of fun) we have created 12 different versions of the OGGI label, all of which are represented in every case packed.

Rollo Crittenden - Winemaker

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