Pendant lights are one of the most versatile forms of lighting—and often a stylish quick fix to bring new life to an outdated room. From kitchen island pendant lighting, to bedroom pendant, bathroom pendant lighting and beyond, we have all the ideas and tips you’ll need when searching for the perfect pendant.

A Primer on Pendant Lighting: Five Things to Consider Before You Buy

A Primer on Pendant Lighting: Five Things to Consider Before You Buy

Pendant lights have continued to gain popularity over the past few years, and they’ve been popping up in more places than just over a kitchen island—places like dining areas, hallways, living rooms, foyers and even over bedroom side tables.

But with so many to choose from, it’s best to start your search by asking yourself the following questions.

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Kitchen island pendants, mini pendants and more of the most dependable pendants in modern lighting.

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#YINTHEWILD: Pendant Lighting Ideas from our customers

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How to Pick the Best Pendant Lighting Ideas

There is something about pendant lighting that makes it a stunning addition to any home. Maybe it is the versatility it offers. Any room can be adorned with pendant lighting, after all. A hanging light in the bedroom is perfect for bedside lighting, a trio of pendant lights over a bar sets up for sophistication or a group of pendants for a kitchen island counter.

It may be the simplicity as well. While similar to chandeliers, pendant lights are often smaller and lighter and hang by a single cable. They tend to be more minimalistic, less grandiose - a lighting fixture that does not scream at you, but once you’ve noticed, it’s impossible not to admire. Or it may be the levels of craftsmanship and artistry. While recessed and flush mount lighting are dead useful for illuminating the home, they often lack the style that pendant lighting brings.

When looking at our pendant lighting ideas, take a moment to visualize how it can be used in rooms that you might not have considered - this will help bring an edge of creativity to how you consider your lighting layout that you can then apply to the room you are choosing pendants for.