A well-lit home office is a productive home office. From desk lighting, to ceiling lighting, to everything in between, we have all the ideas and tips you’ll need when designing your home office lighting scheme.

Home Office Lighting Guide

Overly harsh fluorescent lighting is draining for your eyes and is a trigger for migraines. Dim lighting is just as bad, and can cause eye strain and headaches. And frankly, a dark office is just depressing. So, to help lighten things up a bit, here are some simple steps to take to help you light your workspace right–whether it’s at home or in a corporate setting.

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How to Pick the Right Home Office Lighting Idea

The home office can vary greatly from home to home, so there really is no true single lighting layout that will work for every home. Some are lucky to call an entire extra room their office and thus can plan out their lighting and furniture with only their work in mind. In these cases, adding a chandelier or pendant above the desk with an accent desk or floor lamp on the side is a choice that can be made quite easily.

Other homes may combine the home office with a spare bedroom and have to rethink what is best for both purposes of the room - multiple table lamps may be needed and any ceiling lights will most likely need to be centered within the room as opposed to just the desk. In these cases, a single flush mount light or a set of recessed lighting may be best to support the different uses of the room.

And for some homes, the home office may just be wherever there is a sliver of extra room. It may be in the corner of a living room, a bedroom, or in the kitchen. In these cases, an excellent desk lamp may be all that you need.

As you consider the lighting needs of your home office and the greater functionality that its room represents, browse through our office lighting ideas to narrow on the ideas to perfect your home’s lighting.