Bring your living room to life with the right lighting. From floor lamps and chandeliers to the fundamentals of light layering, find resources, ideas and more for modern living room lighting that inspires from day to day.

Living Room Lighting Guide

Living Room Lighting Guide

The living room is one of the most dynamic spaces in a home. As its name suggests, it is where most of the “living” happens. The room is used for a variety of things, including lounging and hanging out, entertaining family and friends, and relaxing by watching TV or reading a book. However, to keep up with how functional the space is, the living room lighting needs to match.

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Tips for Picking the Right Living Room Lighting Ideas

Creating a lighting layout for your living room can be a complex undertaking mostly just due to the many different activities that take place in the living room. Some living rooms are used mainly for lounging, others are used for social occasions while others are set up as the prime home theater room. No matter what use, cleaning will always be involved, and then there’s those little activities that may only take place in a single corner of the room like reading a book or working on a laptop.

Simply put, the lighting strategy for living room for every home varies. So, it’s important for you to consider how the ambient, accent and task lighting of different lighting fixtures will play their part within your room. Is a floor lamp needed for that corner near the lounging chair? Will a chandelier provide the task lighting needed for cleaning, or is recessed lighting (or maybe the combination of the two) the better option? Would utilizing pendant lighting in place for table lamps open up the room or make better use of a smaller space?

Keep questions like these in mind when browsing through our living room lighting ideas, so that you can create the perfect lighting layout for your home.