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Modern Outdoor Dining + Side Chairs

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What is an Outdoor Dining Chair

On a sunny day, one of the best ways to enjoy the weather is by having a meal outside. Not at a restaurant, but in the comfort of the modern home outdoor space. Ditch the idea of dragging your outside in favor of durable and stylish pieces. Modern patio chairs are seating options made for sun, rain, and the open-air that chairs meant for interior use may not withstand. Modern outdoor dining chairs can be made from a number of materials from metal, wood or plastics. Similar to , the outdoor dining and side chairs can also be used to sit back, relax and enjoy your patio or garden in style and comfort. With weather-resistant properties, these pieces not only provide attractive modern design aesthetics but also comfortable and lasting furniture.

Types of Outdoor Dining Chairs

Having the right modern outdoor dining chair is essential in creating your ideal modern outdoor dining set. With many different types of patio dining chairs, including matching sets of side chairs and , select one that suit your preference from a look and feel preference. There are many factors to consider when choosing a modern patio chair, such as materials and features. Please use the following criteria to simplify your shopping experience:

Metal - Outdoor metal dining chairs brings the simple, clean and solid designs to the great outdoors. Many of these pieces feature lacquered metal with high protection treatment to prevent rusting for outdoor use and an Anti-UV coating. Steel or aluminum outdoor dining chairs are sturdy and give you a sense of security along with comfort. The is an iconic modern outdoor dining chair.

Wood - Outdoor wood dining chairs brings a more traditional feel and completes your outdoor dining experience. Providing a natural or neutral look and comfort to the touch, these include pieces made from hardy teak, which offers low maintenance weather ability, and rattan or wicker, common among outdoor furniture pieces for its comfort and durability against the elements.

Plastic - Outdoor plastic dining chairs brings a more modern ambience to the modern home outdoor space. Plastic, such as polypropylene or polycarbonate, is a lightweight and flexible material, making it very easy to move around and can come in unique shapes.

Stackable - Stackable outdoor dining chairs allows easy storage for when they are not in use. These chairs are also light, easy to clean, and can be enjoyed in an indoor or outdoor setting. If you have limited outdoor space or would like to save space, these patio chairs are suitable for you.

Folding - Folding outdoor dining chairs can be folded to a more convenient and portable configuration. They are lightweight and very convenient due to being easy to store and save on space. If you need a few extra chairs or need to bring some chairs to an outdoor event or barbecue, these modern outdoor dining chairs are perfect for you.

Whether you are looking for a modern or contemporary outdoor dining chair, there is a design that will resonate with you. At YLighting, we offer the best in modern home furnishing and modern accessories with thousands of designs from more than a hundred well-known and up-coming brands.