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Modern Desk & Table Fans

16 Results


16 Results
  • Vfan Senior Table Top Fan
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  • Retro Table Top Fan
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  • Silver Swan Whole Room Oscillating Table Top Fan
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  • Vfan Alchemy Table Top Fan
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  • Retro Breeze Table Top Fan
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  • Vfan Vintage Table Top Fan
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  • 293 Heavy Duty Large Table Top Fan
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  • Industrial Desk Top Fan
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  • Vfan Petite Alchemy Table Top Fan
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  • VFAN Mini Modern Vintage Table Top Fan
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  • Junior Breeze Table Fan
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  • Pivot Table Top Fan
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  • EXO5 Heavy Duty Table Top Fan
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  • Energy Smart Table Top Fan
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    $7999 - $9999
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  • F5 Fan with Aromatherapy
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  • ROGER Little Air Purifier
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Why We Love Desk & Table Fans

Reminiscent of turn-of-the-century strong, industrial craftsmanship, today’s leading designers fuse the distinction of the past with contemporary technology to create top-quality desk fans and table fans. This collection of portable fans feature designs that are as much about style as efficiency. A retro, stainless steel table fan or cast-iron vintage desk fan will add a cool, urban element to your modern or traditional motif.

Where Portable Fans Work Best

Anywhere. That's the beauty of a portable fan. Anytime you need something to help circulate air, all you need to do is re-position one of these fans to your liking. Along with their portability and decorative nature, using a desk fan or table fan to circulate air is an excellent way to efficiently cool the air in your room. Business offices, home offices and tight rooms can become instantly more enjoyable with the presence of a portable fan. Along with being placed on desks, these versatile and adjustable fans can be used throughout the house to reduce energy costs immensely. Consider placing a desk fan on a bookcase or in the bulkhead above your kitchen cabinets to keep air circulating and fresh. Whether it’s a balmy night and you’re looking for a way to cool down or you’d like to bring warm air down from high ceilings, desk fans and table fans can be used in a multitude of helpful ways.

A Desk Fan For Every Style

Much like its collection of contemporary ceiling fans, Minka Aire presents a portable fan with a touch of elegance in its Retro Table Top Fan. This fan appeals to any space loving that classic retro look and it offers exemplary functionality, doing a phenomenal job of cooling any space it is placed in. You may also enjoy Fanimation's Urbanjet Desk Fan. This stylish design from Fanimation is inspired by the features of a 1957 Chevy and brings a lot of decorative impact to modern offices. Finally, look to Savoy House for a portable fan that will fit restoration-themed homes.

Choosing the Best Portable Fan

Knowing the interior design style you prefer will help you in your search for a portable fan. While these fans fit a restoration or industrial look, you'll find they will provide a noticeable decorative touch to almost any contemporary or modern space too. Some of these fans can also be used outdoors, helping to circulate air on decks and patios. Be sure to review a fan's UL rating to verify if it is wet or damp rated and safe for outdoor use. If you have any questions about the desk and table fans featured here, please call our fan experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

If a desk fan doesn't do the trick, consider adding a decorative floor fan in your room. Floor fans offer similar portability as desk and table fans and they will also help keep your space cool. Plus, you'll find similar vintage designs if you are going for that retro look. And to give your office that perfect contemporary refresh, check out the selection of modern office furniture. Here you will find office desks, task chairs, storage solutions and more. And finally, if you like the encased look of these fans, you can achieve the same appearance with a caged ceiling fan.