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Learn More About Desk Lamps

Why Desk Lamps Are Important

When working on a project or reading or studying, the last thing one needs to worry about is the lighting. An inadequately lit space will not only cause strain on the eyes, but it will make working hard and unenjoyable. To combat an unpleasant and poorly lit work environment, simply add a modern desk lamp to your workspace. Desk lamps are designed to provide bright task light, as well as be flexible and adapt to the user's needs. From and to , , , and , there is sure to be a desk lamp to fit your needs.

Types of Modern Desk Lamps to Choose From

Desk lamps are designed to provide bright task light, as well as be flexible and adapt to the user's needs. Since there are a variety of different sets of needs, there are a variety of desk lamp types to choose from.

  1. : Adjustable desk lamps feature rotating lamp heads and arms with articulating joints that allow you to customize the direction the light is cast and the spread of the light beam.

  2. : Similar to adjustable desk lamps, swing provides lef-to-right functionality for easily directing light. Plus, they offer a stylish alternative to the multi-arm look of adjustable lamps.

  3. : Similar to adjustable desk lamps and swing arm, clamp on desk lamps provide versatility and functionality. Simply clip the desk lamp to any desk, table or counter for an easy lighting solution. Clip on desk lamps come in an array of colors, finishes, shapes and sizes, choose a for added portability or a for a classic look.

  4. : Not only can a desk lamp provide light, it can also provide a charging station for your devices. With a USB desk lamp, one can keep the outlets free of clutter while also offering a simple way to access a charging station.

  5. : Touch dimmer desk lamps allow for much greater control on being able to control the functional and aesthetic aspects of desk lighting. If working on a project that needs bright illumination, easily adjust the lighting with just the touch of a finger for either a brighter color temperature or higher lumens output. Likewise if working on a laptop or a fan of a cozy study, one may only need a semi-warm glow.

  6. : LED is a favorite for every type of lighting fixture and desk lamps are no exception. Environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and easily-adjustable lighting makes LED desk lamps an easy pick for many reasons.

Customize Your Workspace with a Modern Desk Light

In addition to illuminating your workspace, desk lamps need to complement your style. In a fast paced, active work environment, an adjustable desk lamp that can keep up with the ever-changing projects is necessary. While in a college dorm room, a small desk lamp is a perfect addition for a desk with a limited surface space. Use a to tie together the design of the room with a bold , , or and add a subtle complementary detail with a or an .

Popular Desk Lamps

Modern desk lamps are now available in styles and sizes that were not possible before thanks to cutting-edge LED technology. An LED desk lamp can now boast a thin, sleek profile or a flexible silhouette that can be adjusted and positioned at any angle. These desk lamps also consume up to 90% less energy than their incandescent counterparts, thus producing less heat so they can remain cool to the touch.

Desk lamps are also great, modern alternatives to the contemporary desk lamps. A desk light on a bedside table is perfect for providing light for working or reading in bed. Or a desk lamp on a side table or console table will provide bright accent light to highlight a vase or catch-all tray.

Whether you are looking for an iconic desk lamp like the from , an energy-efficient LED fixture like the from , or a fun and playful fixture like the from , YLighting has the best desk lamp for any workspace. In addition to the wide selection of modern and contemporary desk lamps, YLighting also offers free shipping on most orders, and has a team of modern lighting experts that are ready to help with any lighting or design questions.