Under Cabinet Lighting

Why You Need Undercabinet Lighting

Proper illumination is so important in the kitchen since it is the focal point of the home. But a lot of times kitchens can be poorly lit, especially over counter spaces and in corners. is the perfect solution to add essential lighting for food prep and cooking. Adequate cabinet lighting highlights features that might otherwise remain hidden such as textures or decoration. Plus, it gets rid of shadows and dark spots cast by overhead lighting and cabinetry.

As a form of accent lighting, not only does undercabinet lighting massively brighten up the kitchen, but it adds a flair of elegance you can’t get any other way. The focused cabinet lighting brings an unforgettable luxurious touch and dramatically enhances the ambiance of the room. Plus, since most undercabinet lighting use LEDs, there is a lot of flexibility in the type of color temperatures you can choose from. Also, maintenance is minimal due to LED lighting's signature long-lasting appeal.

Features of Undercabinet Lights & LED Undercabinet Lighting

Modern undercabinet lights come in a range of options to suit your needs. They vary in size, form, and style so there is bound to be an option that best meets the needs of your space.

Some cabinet lighting comes as single or multiple strips for easy installation along a straight edge. Undercabinet lighting is also available as a light bar in a rectangular shape of varying lengths to properly illuminate a space of any size. Other types of cabinet lighting are round to brighten cabinets or displays with strongly focused lighting. Undercabinet lighting hardware is also available for proper maintenance for a long-lasting glow.

This specialized lighting isn't just limited to the kitchen. There are many areas of your home or office that could be brighter with subtle accent lighting. Modern cabinet lighting is great for bookcases, display cases, vanities, and closets as it can highlight certain features and eliminate shadows in a beautiful manner.

Popular Undercabinet Lighting Brands

The from WAC Lighting is well known for it's sleek and innovative design. It will brighten up any counter top while remaining hidden from view, with a switch to control the color temperature of the light.

The provides a strong lumen output and low power consumption. It provides excellent illumination that is perfect for small coves and niches while being environmentally conscious.

The by George Kovacs is a perfect solution for dark spaces from undercabinets and in your closets to under soffits and on bookshelves. These LED lights are rated for 30,000 hours of use for long-lasting and powerful illumination.

Other Accent Lighting Options

If you need accent lighting for other rooms in the house, a is a must have for the bathroom. It is perfect for proper illumination during late night and early morning use.

Accent up lighting is a great option to add focus and harmonious ambiance to any space. They can be used indoors and outdoors to guide your way through otherwise poorly lit hallways and pathways.