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Poldina PRO Rechargeable LED Table Lamp by Federico De Majo for Zafferano America

Design in 2022 saw a return to nature, found its sparkle and wasn’t afraid to get bold and zany with a major revival of Italian-born Memphis style. From color stories and design movements that inspire outside-the-box thinking to iconic pieces that are as timely as they are timeless, we’ve rounded up the trends and exclusive products that defined design in 2022.

Best of Trends

Think Pink

Ranging from the more neutral pale pinks to scene-stealing hot pink, the opportunity to add some color to your design is as easy as thinking pink.    

PH 5 Pendant

Panton Chair (1999)

by Vitra

Carmina Mini Pendant


Best of Exclusives

Melt by Tom Dixon

We were thrilled to exclusively launch this gorgeous statement piece from the iconic Melt Collection by Tom Dixon to help celebrate the designer’s 20-year anniversary.

Michelle Prouty, Merchandise Manager

Best of Trends

Modern Crystal, Modern Luxury

Long gone are the days when crystal chandeliers were reserved only for the extravagance of aristocrats and their palatial estates, or dripping with opulence from the high ceilings of royal hallways. 

Today, designers are using crystal in sleek, modern ways while still harnessing the unique luster produced by the traditional glass-blowing methods that started on the island of Murano. And with the introduction of LED, these modern crystal fixtures have evolved to take on forms never before thought possible.  

Noctambule High Cylinder LED Floor Lamp


Manta LED Pendant

by Terzani

Decanterlight LED Multi-Light Pendant

Best of Exclusives

Bellhop by FLOS

I love having my Bellhop by my bedside for setting the mood when I’m relaxing.  The beauty is in its simple and subtle form, and the matte black is incredibly modern and chic.

Jennie Oh, Director, Merchandising

Best of Trends

Green is Good

Evoking nature in tones that range from the fresh shades of a newly unfurled leaf to richer olive hues, consider the staying power of these designs as evergreen.

Copenhagen City Chair

Meridiano 4720 Outdoor LED Wall Sconce

by Vibia

Best of Exclusives

Risom C140 Chair by Knoll

We are delighted to launch the iconic Risom C140 Chair designed by Jens Risom in exclusive colors with Stellar Works. This piece was not only truly iconic, but also a part of history where President Lyndon B. Johnson was photographed sitting in it while signing the Civil Rights Act in 1964.

Jessica Ludwig, Merchandise Manager

Best of Trends

Memphis Style 

We are very excited to get Memphis Milano products and give our contribution to the relaunch one of the most iconic and disruptive design brands.

Marco Onali 

Merchandise Manager, Europe

Recognizable by big and bold color schemes, zany geometric patterns and an adoration for squiggles and zig-zags, Memphis Style takes bits and pieces of influence from Art Deco, Pop Art and 1950s kitsch to create a design movement that valued form more than function. Blurring the line between furniture and modern art, Memphis Style arose as a rebellious, vibrant response to the dark tones and seriousness of modern design’s status quo. Functionalism in design wasn’t enough for Ettore Sottsass, founder of the Memphis Group. Instead, he said, “Design should also be sensual and exciting.” 

Wave Table with Terrazzo Top

Bookworm Shelf

by Kartell

Uma Side Table

Best of Exclusives

Raimond II Dome LED Pendant by Moooi

We were very excited to expand this bestselling collection to another shape that lends itself to new spaces like above a dining table. This light fixture, reminiscent of a starry night sets the space so beautifully with its dimmable, warm light.

Jennie Oh, Director, Merchandising

Best of Trends

On the Go Outdoors

With an on-the-go lifestyle, cordless outdoor fixtures are a must-have. From tabletop lamps to hammock-side lights, these little portable powerhouses—many designed with USB ports to charge electronic devices, longer battery life and an array of colors to suit your personal style—will light the scene no matter where the evening may take you.

Poldina PRO Rechargeable LED Table Lamp

Pina Pro Rechargeable LED Table Lamp

Wick LED Table Lamp

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