Track, Monorail + Cable Lighting

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Create A Well-Designed Space with Contemporary Cable Lighting

Cable lighting, sometimes referred to as or , is a favorite among designers and consumers planning the lighting for residential or commercial interiors. Compatible with various track lighting systems, and ideal for installation in kitchens, formal dining rooms, living rooms, and more, today's’ modern cable lighting offers both direct and ambient lighting.

Whether choosing lighting at home or in the office, sometimes nothing makes more of a statement than the simple, clean-lined, contemporary style of track lighting, monorail lighting, and cable lighting. At YLighting, we offer a remarkable range of systems to fit your needs from functional illumination to dramatic lighting.

Bestselling Cable Light Fixtures

Shopping for the perfect cable pendant lighting involves not only the appearance of the fixture but also the type of lighting that will benefit your residential or commercial space. Modern linear suspensions and cable support a variety of lamping types, including incandescent, halogen and the ever-popular LED bulbs and modules. is preferred by consumers and design professionals for several reasons. Typically, cable lighting with integrated LED modules and bulbs are available in various color temperatures ranging from subtle 2700K to ultrabright 4000K.

Other top-selling cable lighting options include compatibility with residential and such as free jack and monorail. If you are interested in track-compatible, , the selection is impressive and many popular models share several common design features. Choose from cable lights with adjustable suspension cables comprised of flexible or rigid metal, support for multiple lamping types, square or round shades, and a variety of decorative finish options like bright satin aluminum, rubberized black, and antique bronze.

Differences Between Track, Monorail, & Cable Lighting

are versatile lighting solutions that can be used to power spotlights, floodlights, pendant lights or other fixtures. Enjoy the freedom of changing the positioning of your furniture and accessories when choosing the modern track lighting for your space as it offers much more flexibility to adjust your lighting.

are state-of-the-art configurable, low-voltage lighting solutions that allow custom styling with minimalist appeal. Monorail lights can be installed in straight runs, field-bent to create customizable organic shapes, or arranged to follow architectural details. Consider rail lighting if your ceiling is sloped, arched, or has paneling that can't house lighting.

is a low-voltage system that offers an infinite variety of custom high-tech lighting arrangements using cables, which are hung with accent, ambient, or decorative fixtures. This makes modern cable lighting an ideal choice when you can't access an electric power source in the ceiling.

Other Things to Know About Modern Cable Lighting

The fixture’s size is a very important consideration, particularly for spaces with expansive square footage or higher than standard ceilings. These areas can often be hard to light, so it’s important to look for cable fixtures specifically designed for hard to light interiors. Look for larger 30-inch or 45-inch fixtures that include reinforced suspension cables to adequately light larger areas.