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Top 10 Modern Ceiling Fans

These modern ceiling fans are the best of the best. From brands like Modern Fan, Fanimation, Minka Air, Matthews Fan, Emerson Fan, and Monte Carlo Fan, you can’t go wrong with one of these spectacular ceiling fans. Here are our top 10 modern ceiling fans.

1. Torsion Ceiling Fan

Modern Fan Torsion Ceiling Fan | YLighting Modern Ceiling Fans
Torsion Ceiling Fan from Modern Fan Company

Favored for its contemporary style, the Torsion Ceiling Fan will bring its cooling power to any room. A seasoned yet iconic fan that continues to remain timeless and impressive in design, the Torsion Ceiling Fan remains a top favorite year after year. Able to complement any theme of modern decor, the Torsion seamlessly blends in with its selection of premium finishes and elegant blade styles. Its unique aesthetic features 3 plywood blades that provide a surprisingly powerful air flow while remaining whisper quiet for total serenity.

2. Spitfire Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Spitfire Ceiling Fan | YLighting Modern Ceiling Fans
Spitfire Ceiling Fan from Fanimation

A design only introduced this year, the Spitfire has quickly ascended to the top of our list with its stellar performance. A popular pick in modern residential homes with its featured three sleek wooden blades, this ceiling fan brings a touch of rustic charm to modern spaces. The Spitfire is totally customizable, allowing you to create the look you want by simply mixing and matching components.

3. Artemis Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Artemis Ceiling Fan | YLighting Modern Ceiling Fans
Artemis Ceiling Fan from Minka Aire

If looks could kill, the Artemis Ceiling Fan would have us swooning into our graves. This gorgeous ceiling fan features three contoured aerodynamic blades that appear to wrap around one another. It even comes in some show stopping finishes like this light maple wood, an eye popping red, as well as chic clear blades.

4. Irene 3 Blade Hugger Ceiling Fan

Mattews Fan Company Irene 3 Blade Hugger Ceiling Fan | YLighting Modern Ceiling Fans
Irene 3 Blade Hugger Ceiling Fan from Matthews Fan Company

With a modern industrial design, the Irene 3 Blade Hugger Ceiling Fan is not only extremely stylish, but also extremely quiet. Taking its inspiration from the golden age of aviation, the solid walnut-stained wooden blades blades join neatly together, taking on a propeller like shape.

5. Ball Ceiling Fan

Modern Fan Ball Ceiling Fan | YLighting Modern Ceiling Fans
Ball Ceiling Fan By Ron Rezek, from Modern Fan Company

Designed by the esteemed Ron Rezek with a minimalist approach to contemporary ceiling fan design, the Ball Ceiling Fan is clearly a fan favorite. Embodying contemporary modern design, this sleek ceiling fan features an understated retro charm that’s beautifully sleek and elegant. A popular choice for design-savvy professionals and homeowners, the Ball Ceiling Fan is made for both style and function.

6. Roto Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire Roto Ceiling Fan | YLighting Modern Ceiling Fans
Roto Ceiling Fan from Minka Aire

A simple and affordable ceiling fan, the Roto Ceiling Fan doesn’t disappoint. Combining form with function, its clean modern design runs on an ultra quiet motor. With its classic industrial look, the Roto is well-executed with impeccable design, featuring a slight folded construction along the blades to increase airflow.

7. Embrace Ceiling Fan

Fanimation Embrace Ceiling Fan | YLighting Modern Ceiling Fans
Embrace Ceiling Fan from Fanimation

The sleek and contemporary design of the Embrace Ceiling Fan provides an understated look for any modern space. Best of all, this ceiling fan was made with low ceilings in mind as its compact design practically hugs the ceiling. Beautiful with clean, simple lines, Embrace Ceiling Fan fits snuggly and unobtrusively compliments any decorated space.

8. Loft Ceiling Fan

Emerson Fans Loft Ceiling Fan | YLighting Modern Ceiling Fans
Loft Ceiling Fan from Emerson Fans

The Loft Ceiling Fan brings plenty of power to this modern, uptown industrial design. Energy star rated, this ceiling fan uses airfoil blades to help move air in style. If the task asks for much needed air movement for a large living space, the Loft Ceiling Fan is the perfect choice! This industrial-style ceiling fan packs a powerful punch!

9. Eliza Hugger Ceiling Fan

Matthews Fan Company Eliza Hugger Ceiling Fan | YLighting Modern Ceiling Fans
Eliza Hugger Ceiling Fan from Matthews Fan Company

An elegant ceiling fan, the Eliza Hugger Ceiling Fan features three sleek blades designed to move air as efficiently as possible. The unique blade shape helps maximize air movement at the outer edge of the blade, creating less blade drag and greater air velocity. The rodless style also makes it ideal for rooms with a lower ceiling, beautifully combining modern utility with minimalist design.

10. Clarity Max Ceiling Fan

Monte Carlo Fan Company | YLighting Modern Ceiling Fans
Clarity Max Ceiling Fan from Monte Carlo Fan Company

The Clarity Max Ceiling Fan hugs ceilings, while providing plenty of powerful air flow thanks to its 56″ blade sweep. Its understated style comes equipped with a 15W LED light kit as well as a a four-speed wall mounted control with light dimming functionality. Sleek with straight clean lines, the Clarity Max Ceiling Fan immaculately blends in any contemporary style space with its low profile and elegant silhouette.


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