The Brands: Louis Poulsen
Louis Poulsen Patera Oval Pendants hanging in front of a window

Design to Shape Light

Louis Poulsen traces its origins of designing through light back to Poul Henningsen’s seminal three-shade system and his view on the dualities within design and light. From the start in 1924, the company has pioneered modern lighting design by embracing a Scandinavian sensibility about light. In a region where light becomes a precious commodity during the darker months of the year, the Copenhagen-based design brand is uniquely qualified to understand the importance of well-balanced lighting. Also a bastion of sleek design where form meets function, Scandinavia sets the scene for Louis Poulsen designs that are both thoughtful and chic.

Poul Henningsen: Original Inspiration

Poul Henningsen with his designs

A native of Denmark with a diverse career spanning both world wars, Poul Henningsen (1894-1967) is best known for his modern lighting designs for the Danish company, Louis Poulsen. An intellectual savant with interests ranging from politics to architecture, Henningsen’s professional career began with architectural studies at the Technical School and the Danish College of Technology, Copenhagen, though he left before graduating.

Following this, Henningsen entertained other interests—including writing for left-wing periodicals and heading the architectural 

designs for Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. Henningsen is often referred to as PH in Denmark, beloved for both his contributions to Danish culture and his design ingenuity. His PH 5 Pendant hangs in at least half the homes in Denmark, and it remains a popular wedding gift and heirloom nearly 65 years after its initial release. His clever multi-shade systems divert harsh glare in a plethora of iterations, including the PH Septima.   Henningsen was therefore a major contributor to Louis Poulsen’s philosophy of “function, comfort and ambience.”

New + Exclusive

Patera Oval Pendant

In 2021, Slaatto introduced a new rendition of his original design, the Patera Oval, exclusively launched through Lumens. We had the pleasure of speaking with the designer from his Copenhagen studio, and discussed his start in design, how music plays into his process and how the Fibonacci Sequence inspires his work.

Read the Interview

“I think my entire life, creating things has been my primary occupation.”

Øivind Slaatto, Designer

The Makers: Poul Henningsen + The PH Artichoke

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