Beautiful brilliance. Innovative illumination. Flawless functionality. The balance of daring technology and original design is what separates SONNEMAN Lighting from the rest of the pack.

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The Story of SONNEMAN Lighting

In 2003, SONNEMAN - A Way of Light, stepped forward as the standard for modern lighting. With the guidance of its founder and a focus on the future of design, the company has risen to the challenge and continues to push modern lighting forward. SONNEMAN designs their new releases to incorporate the art of technology, seamlessly integrating LED technology into the design ethos.

The Robert Sonneman Ideal

Over the years, the company’s mission has remained: deliver lighting that defies expectation and conception. When the latest technology fuses with novel design, something exceptional will result. The public exalts SONNEMAN Lighting for its focus on clean design, free of the excessive and unnecessary. Over 100 SONNEMAN pieces are released each year, and each possesses an unrivaled level of sophistication and detail.

Precision Products

The collections vary widely, while always maintaining an innovative, contemporary style. SONNEMAN Suspenders pattern ceilings in a geometrical glow, creating overhead lighting rich with artistry. True to form, the LED luminaires serve as both the light source and focal point in this collection, with balanced support systems adding depth and symmetry. SONNEMAN’s creates a similar effect, using lines of squared form to produce clean angles and bold lighting.

Sophisticated, symmetrical sculpting is found throughout the entire SONNEMAN catalog, no matter the type of lamp. The collection features elegant lighting accentuated by dynamic frames, creating striking designs that work brilliantly inisde or out. This line perfectly demonstrates the SONNEMAN way of blending inventive utility and modern apppeal.

Each SONNEMAN lamp brings something new without becoming overly extravagant. A light might be artistic and impactful, but nothing in the design is ornate. The , with a name that conjures images of the showiest of shoes, delivers extreme precision - a statement piece that is somehow minimalist and understated. No design lacks purpose, and no light lacks in functionality.

SONNEMAN Lighting didn’t coast to its place atop the industry. Throughout his career, Robert Sonneman has targeted the new and the bold, creating lights people never knew they needed. All these years and countless designs later, one thing is clear: the world needs SONNEMAN - A Way of Light.

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