Herman Miller

Since its beginning in 1905 as the Michigan Star Furniture Company and its 1923 re-branding marking the start of a new design era, Herman Miller has established an internationally recognized name for itself across the design industry. Boasting a wide array of pieces that range from being Mid-Century Modern iconic to being highly functional for the modern person, the company continues to remain at the top of the industry's list of notable and influential brands.

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While Herman Miller's lighting brings a practical eye to the modern workspace, the brand doesn't lose sight of what modern design should look like. While a portion of their lighting assortment is centralized on multi-functionalism wrapped in a sleek design, the brand's encapsulates the timelessness of Mid-Century Modern lighting that has withstood the test of time and continue offer a modern touch to any space. Between the variation of sleek profiles for Herman Miller's table lamps to the classy designs of the bubble lamps, Herman Miller does well to cover the range of lighting tastes between sleek functionalism to modern timelessness.

Herman Miller is known worldwide for inventive office furniture design for the modern home and workspace. Herman Miller has a strong commitment to quality by being a pioneer of the ergonomic office furniture while being a steward of environmental leadership in the manufacturing process. Available in a wide range of styles and colors, Herman Miller furniture offers a timeless style and comfort, from desk chairs to tables to sofas.

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Herman Miller

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