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Outdoor Bar Carts + Trolleys

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  • Roll Bar Trolley
  • 1966 Collection® Serving Cart
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  • Luxembourg Bar Trolley
  • Lollygagger Bar Cart
  • Luxembourg Outdoor Bar Cart
  • Longday Bar Cart
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  • Frame Trolley
  • Rapson Bar Cart
  • Roll Trolley
  • Drop Kitchen Module
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  • Alfred Rolling Small Table
  • James Outdoor Bar Cart
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  • Carlo Outdoor Bar Cart
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  • Montmarte Portable Bar


  • Quiberon Bar Cart

Why We Love Outdoor Storage Carts

Your outdoor living space is one that should be fully functional, but that doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice style. Outdoor storage carts and trolleys provide a nice way for you to store things that you need to keep in the area and to bring out special items like snacks and beverages when you entertain. Finding the perfect piece for your outdoor space doesn't have to be difficult. Here are some factors to consider as you try to find one that meets your needs.

When to Use A Patio Dining Cart

One of the primary benefits of outdoor storage carts and trolleys is that they can serve as a focal point of your overall design scheme. There are a variety of styles that come in a host of colors. These are fully functional units that enable you to maximize your space without having to sacrifice style. You can wheel a cart between outdoor lounge chairs to provide a place to set drinks or you can pull it right up to a bistro table to serve a picnic lunch.

Outdoor Storage Carts for Every Style

There is a wide range of outdoor storage carts available from a variety of well known outdoor furniture designers. They come in different styles and provide varying amounts of storage. Vondom offers lighted patio storage carts which can be turned on by remote control. Cane-line offers a module design that enables you to fully customize your space and includes matching trolleys. Fermob is a customer favorite for functional trolleys that come in an array of colors. Loll Designs manufactures outdoor storage carts that come in fun, vibrant colors and are often made from recycled materials. Lastly, Gubi designs modern pieces that are completely functional and often minimalist in design, making them completely versatile.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Storage Cart

Deciding which patio storage cart is best for you is simply a matter of considering the space you plan to use it in. Cubby designs and stationary cabinets are great for dedicated entertaining spaces where you won't need to move them around. Carts and trolleys enable you to bring the party anywhere on your property. It's wise idea to consider your color scheme when choosing a dining cart or storage cart. Choosing one in a vibrant color can easily transform your space from drab to modern. Finally, consider function. For example, if you're purchasing a cart for beverages, you need a flat surface. For food trays, a slotted or textured surface is fine.

Other Considerations

The patio storage cart, trolley or side bar you choose completes the look of your outdoor living space and should accent your patio furniture and outdoor decor. You can use outdoor lighting to enhance the appearance of the patio and to enhance the ambiance around the outdoor dining furniture. Whether you choose to use your outdoor dining cart daily or only bring it out when you have guests, finding one that shows off your unique style adds the perfect touch to your outdoor living space.