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How to Design the Perfect Bedroom Lighting

Well-designed modern bedroom lighting transforms the bedroom into a versatile and cozy multifunctional living space. The right choice of lighting fixtures will allow for bright lighting during the day, soft nocturnal illumination at night, and fit all the moods in between. Layering light with a combination of ambient and accent lighting provides ultimate comfort and control over the space. When choosing light fixtures for a bedroom, warmer color bulbs are ideal to diffuse yellow tones that soften the illumination. Contemporary LED bulbs offer the full spectrum of color temperature options and are an eco-friendly and efficient choice in any light fixture. Bulb brightness for a bedroom is suggested at 2,000 to 4,000 lumens and fixtures with dimmers allow for further customization according to personal preference.

Different Styles of Ambient Bedroom Lighting

Ambient bedroom lighting provides the majority of artificial light in the living space and can be accomplished with a variety of fixtures. Bedroom ceiling lights come in and varieties. Flush mount ceiling lights are mounted directly against the ceiling and provide greater ceiling clearance while being extremely versatile. Semi-flush mount ceiling lights are also mounted to the ceiling but suspended by a small gap, which allows for increased illumination in both upward and downward directions. For higher ceilings, are an opportunity to add unique personality to a room and are sure to leave a lasting impression. are another choice of decorative character with a multitude of styles and colors to choose from. Whether looking for a bold and modern statement piece, or a timeless traditional feel, a well-chosen chandelier or pendant light will hit the right note.

Take functionality a step further with that not only provide ample ambient light but increase air circulation and comfort. Ceiling fans increase energy efficiency in the modern home while enabling homeowners to fall asleep under a gentle soft breeze. are the ultimate in portability and versatility, offering an easy way to tuck the ambient light source in a convenient corner or nook. Once ambient light fixtures have been selected, it will be even easier to add modern accent designs to even out the space and provide task lighting.

Layer with Task and Accent Lighting

Lighting a bedside table is an important choice as it’s one of the most used light fixtures in the home. Small pendant lights or a will provide focused task light for bedside reading at the end of a long day. Designer lamps range from traditional shaded bulbs to modern glowing orbs enable homeowners to express their personal style and presence. If choosing a shaded table lamp, light-colored lampshades provide the most light for bedside activities such as reading. Bedroom table lamps with swing-arms can be easily adjusted for even greater task lighting flexibility.

Accent lighting draws attention to features in the room such as artwork or architectural features that round out the space and maximize impact. is a sophisticated strategy that houses the light fixtures inside the ceiling. Recessed lighting comes with a wide variety of trims including adjustable trims that allow the light to be directed at the perfect angle for a particular space. are popular features that add extra dimensions to a bedroom and can double as task lighting fixtures. Wall sconces with swing arms can be placed next to a reading chair or a bedside as a flexible source of light at all hours. With so many ways to customize decor in the modern bedroom, choosing well-designed light fixtures is the first step to creating a relaxing haven, day or night.