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Modern Indoor Fireplaces + Tools

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Create a Well-Designed Space with Modern Indoor Fireplaces

Built-in Fireplaces are a cozy focal point in many residential interiors but modern indoor fireplaces are a combination of innovation and aesthetic appeal. Many of today's interior fireplaces use technology to create lifelike flames that improve the ambiance of the space and increasing safety. Modern fireplaces are available in various sizes and styles and serve as an easy way to liven up your space.

Best-Selling Indoor Fireplaces

One of the best things about contemporary indoor fireplaces is the amount of style they infuse into practically any space. It is easy to be intimidated when shopping for an indoor fireplace since there are so many options but many to the top-selling models share several common design features that make choosing one a lot easier.

Several popular indoor fireplaces feature an open fire pit design that makes them easy to transport between indoor and outdoor spaces. Common features include durable concrete composite construction and the latest fluid technology that helps the fireplace emit realistic-looking flames without the soot and smoke of traditional fireplaces. Bestsellers in this category come with faux glass charcoal and are available in various outer finishes including natural beige, off white, and dark gray. Additionally, fire pit-style indoor/outdoor fireplaces can be purchased in either bioethanol or liquid propane/natural gas versions for even more versatility.

Other popular indoor/outdoor fireplaces include portable, all-glass models that require no chimney or fuel lines to operate. Portable glass fireplaces are easy to transport from room to room making these high-end fireplaces a great addition to residential spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, and patios as well as commercial spaces like lobbies and lounge areas. Bestselling glass fireplaces typically include stainless steel hardware, 13,000 BTU output, and burn times up to 20 hours.

When it comes to choosing a suitable indoor fireplace for your space, it helps to choose a model that is easy to operate and maintain while also coordinating with the existing furniture and decor in the space. Playing off the elements of decorative accessories like , , and furniture like and is the easiest way to create a space that looks professionally-curated.

Other Things to Know About Indoor Fireplaces

Adding a contemporary indoor fireplace is a great way to add a natural element to an indoor space and there are a few tips that can make it easier to incorporate one into your modern space. If you are decorating a space dominated by utilitarian, industrial, or ultramodern furniture and decorative accessories, choose an indoor fireplace with similar details like stained concrete, various fuel options, and 304 stainless steel burners. For smaller spaces, consider a portable tabletop fireplace that features adjustable feet for stability on any surface, the ability to be used indoors or outdoors, and treated with a special dust and stain-resistant coating.

No matter where you intend to use your new indoor fireplace, understanding the functional and aesthetic features will make it simple to choose the right one. Today’s indoor fireplaces allow you the flexibility of a portable fire feature with the ambiance of a traditional fireplace.