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Modern Space Savers, Coat Racks + Hooks

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Keeping Your Space Organized with Modern Coat Racks

Today's home decor is a combination of form and function, and modern storage solutions have exploded in popularity. These modern coat racks and modern coat hooks are more than just practical; they also function as contemporary art pieces all on their own.

With the busy, modern lifestyle, it can be hard to keep the home clean and organized. Especially with families, coats easily pile up, creating clutter, and hassle every time you walk in the door. As one of the many modern storage options, contemporary coat racks are one of the best ways to keep entryways, closets, and living rooms organized while adding decorative flair at the same time.

Modern space savers like coat racks are especially useful in entryways that lack closet space. They help keep jackets, scarves, and other outerwear neat and tidy, so they don’t pile up on the floor, chairs, or table. Storage hooks can also come in handy in closets as an alternative way to store clothing than storage bins.

Modern coats racks bring a fresh vision to the traditional coat rack. In fact, these modern space savers are more like works of art than simple organization tools. Contemporary coat racks and hooks offer those decorative finishing touches that can truly transform the look and feel of the space.

Modern Space Savers Features

The modern coat rack comes in all sorts of designs and styles to meet that perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics you are looking for. Wall-mounted coat racks are quite popular since they can be hung on virtually any wall in the house. These special storage hooks come in a wide variety of colors and configurations. Some are small with four to six hooks, while others are quite large with 14 hooks or more for extra coat storage. Wall-mounted coat racks are excellent space savers when floor space is limited, such as in small entryways or closets.

Free-standing coat racks are the second option, which is excellent for spacious homes or those looking for a unique style. For instance, mid-century modern coat racks are trendy, offering a vintage look that harks backs to the 1950s and 60s. Modern standing coat racks typically feature sharp angles and defined lines and come in all sorts of materials from wood to metal. They can also be used as space savers since they can easily be tucked out of the way over rug runners and into corners.

Top Modern Coat Rack and Space Saver Brands

A spin on the traditional coat rack, the coat rack is a modern wall coat rack with a playful aesthetic that's guaranteed to make a statement. Originally designed as a contemporary wall sculpture, the Eames Hang-It-All from Herman Miller can hold a variety of items while still serving as a standalone work of art.

Functionality and elegant design meet when it comes to the modern wall mounted coat racks from Blomus. They have been creating high-quality space savers, made with fine German craftsmanship, since 1921.

If you are looking for modern space savers and coat racks with minimalistic and contemporary style, look no further than Blu Dot. With a distinctive powder-coated steel base set against natural walnut spokes, the stands out among modern coat racks. Featuring a contemporary yet minimalist design with clean lines and an angular shape, this mid-century modern coat rack is sure to stand out in your space an effectively store anything from coats to hats to bags. With over 20 years of expertise, Blu Dot offers a line of free-standing and wall mounted coat racks with simple and abstract designs.

Featuring clean lines an and eye-catching design, the from Menu is a wall-mounted coat rack that can be described as a modern coat hook rail. Designed to handle more than just coats, the Afteroom Coat Hanger provides ample storage for a variety of items in a compact and attractive package.

Barcelona-based Nomon is one of the most artistic designers of beautiful, modern wall hangers and coat racks that are sure to please the eye. Every piece is handmade, and no detailed is spared for these one-of-a-kind creations that will withstand the test of time.

Additional Options Available

In addition to stylish and practical modern coat racks and modern coat hooks, YLighting also offers an expansive selection of single coat hooks and modern storage solutions to fit all of your home storage needs. From space savers to living room bookcases, YLighting has everything you need to organize and decorate your modern home.