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Modern Serveware

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184 Results
  • FLOW Water Pitcher
  • BASIC Snack Bowl
    2 Size Options
    $2199 - $2799
  • Wilo Hardwood Tray
    2 Size Options
    $3499 - $4899
  • DELARA Bread Basket
    2 Size Options
    $3499 - $4299
  • Ultima Thule Glassware Collection
    9 Product Options
    $6000 - $21500
  • PILAR Dining Collection
    10 Product Options
    $2199 - $7799
  • ACQUA Carafe
    2 Size Options
    $6499 - $7899
  • Mr. and Mrs. Night Water Set
    2 Size Options
    $14000 - $15500
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  • ABENTO Hardwood Tray
    2 Size Options
    $4899 - $8899
  • SPLASH Water Carafe
    $3199 - $4599
  • Trinity Basket
    $13500 - $22000
  • Alto Tray
  • Joy N. 11 Gold Basket
  • Aalto Bowl
  • BORDA Oak Tray
    3 Size Options
    $2799 - $5199
  • Anna Gong Folding Cake Stand
  • Ultima Thule Carafe - Wirkkala Anniversary
  • Round Wire Basket
  • PILAR Serving Bowl
    2 Size Options
    $3899 - $5699
  • Taika Platter
  • Sarpaneva Cast Iron Casserole
  • Kartio Carafe
  • Plisse Vacuum Jug
  • Michael Graves Round Tray with Handles

Why We Love Serveware

Serve your dinner guests in style with this assortment of modern serveware and trays. A well-chosen mix of serving dishes allows you to not only put your sense of style on display, but to also offer a fundamental purpose of presenting food items. Baskets, bowls and trays are ideal for snacks and appetizers, while larger serving dishes or platters are a go-to for main entrees and delicacies you want to show off. For casual, everyday meals or entertaining during holidays and special occasions, enhance your dining experience with new serveware.

Where Serveware & Trays Work Best

Anytime you choose to entertain friends and family, a collection of bowls, baskets, trays and platters serve a vital role that helps make the dinner party a success. From cakes to cookies and all kinds of treats in between, dessert platters work to highlight your sweet side. Fruit and vegetables are a healthier alternative, but you can offer them in in the same contemporary style with various serving trays and bowls from this collection. Large plates and trays make trips to and from the kitchen to the dining room a breeze, and the variety of carafes and pitchers ensure your guests always have their thirst quenched. Finally, this collection includes all of the tools and utensils you might need to successfuly serve your dinner guests.

Serving Dishes for Every Style

Despite your kitchen or dining room's decorative aesthetic, this selection of serveware brings a wealth of contemporary notoriety to these rooms. Sleek, stainless steel accessories from Blomus introduce an inherently modern look and feel to the space, and you'll find similarly styled designs to spread throughout the rest of the home. Kartell's offering of trays and platters offer design styles you'll enjoy having on display at all times. And look to Bend Goods for well-designed baskets you can use for fruit, vegetables or bread. Lastly, when it comes to any type of dining or entertaining occasion, you'll find it's easy to rely on items from Alessi to get the job done.

Choosing the Best Serving Dishes, Platters & Trays

The primary concern with choosing any dining accessory is to fulfill a purpose in your dining or entertaining experience. As such, bowls, baskets, trays and platters are expected to put your culinary creations and baked goods on display for all to see. Start your search for new serveware by identifying what your kitchen or dining room might be lacking. That could vary from water carafes and pitches to serving utensils like ice cream scoopers and everything in between. Consider anything you felt may have been missing from your last dinner party. Try to choose products belonging to a larger family of accessories to allow for congruence in your decorating. If you have any questions about the serveware featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Serveware is just one piece you need to consider for successfully entertaining dinner guests. You'll also want to browse the table decorations category for placemats, table runners, dinnerware, glassware and flatware that all work to round out the dining room. Refreshing your dining room furniture can also be a great way to bring contemporary charm to the space and impress your guests. And if it's new lighting you need to brighten up the room, considering layering your light fixtures with ceiling lights and wall lamps. With a completely new facelift to your dining room, you'll be wanting to entertaining in no time.