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Kitchen Accessories

241 Results
  • Bottle Grinder - Set of 2
    $10995 - $11995
    Free Lumens Gift with Code
  • Plisse Electric Kettle
    2 Size Options
    $9900 - $10900
  • Plisse Toaster
  • Kettle with Bird Whistle
  • Plisse Electric Citrus Squeezer
  • Trinity Bowl Collection
    4 Product Options
    $13500 - $32000
  • Pulcina Stovetop Espresso
    3 Size Options
    $9500 - $15000
  • Plisse Hand Blender
  • Trinity Fruit Bowl
    $16000 - $26000
  • Plisse Blender
  • BASIC Sugar Bowl
  • Food A Porter Lunch Box
  • OBAR Kitchen Multi-Storage Rack
  • Barkoffee, Press Filter 8 cups
    $15500 - $18000
  • La Stanza Dello Scirocco Fruit Basket
    $9500 - $19500
  • Dear Charlie Banana Holder
  • CIOSO Wall-Mounted Wine Bottle Holder
  • NERO Insulated Glass Collection
    4 Product Options
    $2199 - $3399
  • Juicy Salif Citrus Juicer
  • Manico Forato Espresso Coffee Maker 9090
    2 Size Options
    $26600 - $28900
  • Mediterraneo Paper Towel Holder
  • PILARE Wine Rack
    2 Size Options
    $8999 - $9599
  • Honey Pot
  • Taika Mug

Why We Love Kitchen Accessories

Instead of a rushed and tedious daily chore, the preparation and presentation of food and drinks should be a joy. In fact, it should be art. After all, transforming individual ingredients into a cohesive, delicious dish is not unlike creating a sculpture out of a lump of clay. The assortment of modern kitchenware and tools are just the right muse and tools you'll need to inspire you to create culinary masterpieces for friends, family or yourself. These items make cool gifts for gourmet chefs and microwave jockeys alike, encouraging even the greatest cooking-phobes to embrace their inner culinary side.

Where Kitchen Accessories Work Best

Near the stove, gleaming stainless cookware and vibrant modern kitchen tools are a necessity. They serve an essential functional purpose while also bring a fresh, modern look to the room. Meanwhile, nearby in your cabinets or on your counter tops, you can keep your ingredients sleekly organized and close at hand with the available selection of food containers. Your tabletop will love the assortment of fruit bowls and baskets and you are sure to appreciate the fun coffee and tea accessories if you are a lover of all things caffeine. Anywhere in the kitchen, you will find these decorative accessories and tools will serve a much needed functional purpose while also offering a pop of color and contemporary style at the same time.

Kitchenware, Tools & Accessories For Every Style

When working with any type of kitchen tool or accessory, you want it to be well-designed, stylish, durable and reliable. In this assortment of modern kitchen accessories, you are guaranteed to find high-quality designs that are not only eye-catching, but also ideal for the given task. Stainless steel accessories from Blomus are exceptionally useful, but can also define the kitchen as clean and contemporary. And any of the accessories found in this selection from Alessi are helpful for common tasks while also being a playful, colorful addition to the room. You'll also notice plenty of iconic designs (ahem, the Michael Graves Tea Kettle) you'll simply love adding to your kitchen. Lastly, look to iittala for all of the glassware and mugs you need for coffee time or an occasional glass of wine.

How to Choose the Best Kitchenware & Tools

To make a common work space like the kitchen uniquely you, you'll need a mix of well-chosen accessories. Begin your search for the right tools and accessory items by identifying your needs in the kitchen. Keeping utility on the list of priorities, consider what kitchen tools would make tasks easier or faster to complete? That could mean a set of new knives, organizers for condiments and ingredients or simply a cooking timer to ensure you don't burn the cookies. Next, find the items that are most representative of your own personal aesthetic. You'll find a wide, wide variety of colors and finishes to introduce to the space, and you can choose accessories that blend in or go bold and bring a pop of standout color to the room. With the right set of tools, utensils and accessories, function and fashion will come together in your kitchen. If you have any questions about the kitchen accessories featured here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Tabletop accessories will make the presentation of your food even more sleek and sophisticated during your next dinner party or for any every day occasion. You can also add to the cooking and dining experience with the comfortable and modern tables, chairs, stools and storage found in the assortment of kitchen furniture. And add a splash of style to your floors with a contemporary rug. Finally, don't forget to to keep the kitchen well lit with any of the options in the kitchen lighting selection. Whether you are following a recipe line-by-line or cleaning up the area, lighting is a key piece to getting the job done.

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