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Modern Side + End Tables

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Learn More About Side + End Tables

Finding the Perfect Modern Side Table

The modern side table is one of the most versatile pieces of accent furniture in today’s stylish home. A major factor to consider when looking for the perfect modern side table is where and how are you going to use it. Traditionally, side tables are as much of a staple in the living room as since they commonly hold decor, planters, and table lamps. However, modern end tables can be used in almost any room of the house.

Contemporary side tables are popular for the bedroom as nightstands to hold table lamps, clocks, and personal items. In the dining room, contemporary end tables are often utilized as extra space for serving dishware or holding vases. The office wouldn’t be complete without a small modern side table, which is perfect for storing extra files or office accessories. are a must by the pool, on the patio, or on the balcony.

Popular End Table Shapes & Styles

Once you’ve decided where your modern side table will go, the next question is how you want it to look. Most modern end tables are usually circular or square, which will make a difference depending on how it will fit in the room. Round contemporary side tables take up more space, but they are visually smoother. A square end table is a good choice if arranged between two seats, such as a and chair.

There are modern end tables to meet every style you could imagine from abstract to industrial. Mid-century modern side tables are rising in popularity since they offer a unique look that pays homage to the 1950s and 60s. Modern wood side tables are one of the most common since they can fit a wide variety of styles including farmhouse or rustic.

How Tall Should Your Modern Side Table Be?

Proportion is key when it comes to getting the size right with modern side tables. Small round side tables are perfect for snug spaces such as hallways or entryways. If you are using a circular end table for the living room, make sure its diameter is two feet or less, so it doesn’t look disproportionate to the couch. Rectangular side tables should be about 21 inches by 26 inches, which is the perfect size against most sofas.

If you are going to place on your side table, make sure the lamp is about 24 to 27 inches tall since this is the ideal height for the average line of vision. The height of your side table matters too. If you are placing the end table next to the couch, make sure it’s within one inch of the sofa arm’s height, which will make common items like a drink or phone easy to reach.

Favorite Contemporary Side Table Brands

is one of the top Danish designers of abstract and . Founded in 1976, they are known for minimalist furniture with clean designs that are created with the modern home in mind.

features simple designs that are structurally beautiful and highly functional. Their minimalistic modern side tables feature clean lines and organic silhouettes that will blend in seamlessly into the contemporary lifestyle.

is one of the leading producers of modern side tables, each with a unique look and international flare. Using a range of materials from marble to aluminum, their line of round end tables are smooth, sleek, and captivating to the eye.