Your bathroom lighting design requires task lighting (for getting ready each day), ambient lighting (for the rest of the bathroom) and mood lighting (for bubble baths, naturally). From vanity lighting, to ceiling lighting, to everything in between, we have all the ideas and tips you’ll need when designing your bathroom lighting.

How to Light a Modern Bathroom

No longer a small, simple room that is used briefly, the modern bathroom has transformed into a larger, luxurious retreat that serves as a place to relax and unwind as much as it serves daily rituals. But for your bathroom to rightly fulfill its many uses, it is very important to install the correct lighting.

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Bathroom vanities, chandeliers and more modern lighting for your spa-like retreat.

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#YINTHEWILD: Bathroom Lighting Ideas from our customers

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Tips for Picking the Best Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Although you probably won’t personally see your guests light up with admiration when they see your gorgeous bathroom lighting, you can still take delight knowing that it probably made an impression. While the bathroom might not be the most social room in the house, getting the right lighting layout down can do wonders for your everyday tasks while also providing inspiration within an often inspired room.

When browsing through our bathroom lighting ideas, consider the layout and size of your bathroom. How are the sink and mirror positioned within the room - is there ample space for vanity lighting? Is a lighted medicine cabinet needed for that precious, even lighting? Do you have a standard flush mount ceiling light? Is there enough room to upgrade and try a hanging light such as a chandelier or pendant?

Keeping questions like these in your mind as you navigate our bathroom lighting ideas will help visualizing which lighting to choose and how it will best apply to your unique bathroom.